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New theme again?

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Damn it!

That’s a new record for myself. Two theme changes in 12 hours. I switched to Monochrome earlier today because it had neato dropdown page menus and was a subdued black/gray color. It was basically the same thing as Freshy, nix a banner.

Less than 30 minutes ago I got super-pissed at the restrictive thinness of the text space for every theme ever, so I broke one of my primary rules for picking a theme for anything: No bright colors. Especially white.

Now I’m rocking this super-white theme with absolutely no frills whatsoever. It’s called The Journalist, as if that’s supposed to make me look like I don’t spend all of my time doing anything but real journalism.


Cartoons for Kids: Your one stop shop for “too fuckin’ bright!” induced eyetrain.


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January 23, 2010 at 04:28

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Theme Change ftw!

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I changed the theme again already! And a new header that I’m pretty sure I’ll change when I find something that isn’t animu wimminz. Because the internet doesn’t need another blawg with animu wimminz in the header.

That said I give myself bonus points for not using a person that actually is from an animu or mango. I have this almost fetishistic desire to download artbooks, and this basically means that moe.imouto is my favorite place evar.

As if anybody cared, here is the original pic:

It’s the cover of Nishieda (Kuroi Kyoudain) – Senga Hon 3, an artbook that has one other interesting picture of some cat ear maid with an aggressively small uniform serving apple pie to a roomful of adorable kittens. The rest is horrible porn lineart. Don’t DL.

I made a header for Misty Look before my indecisive ass switched themes, and I think it looked a lot better. The extra height really helped.

And I’m not really sure why I’m explaining all of this, but I think it’s given me an idea to help fill out what is otherwise a very boring blog. If only a little bit. Huzzah? Tomorrow I’m going to write about all of the shit I bought on Steam during the holidays because of their sales, and try to piece together how I’ll ever get to even play them all, let alone beat some of them.

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January 3, 2010 at 02:02

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New-ish Theme

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Changed the theme again because iNova or whatever it is was too busy. I didn’t use a lion’s share of the features and it didn’t look particularly good anyway. So back to Misty Look, because its simple. Maybe I’ll bother to change the banner again too. Maybe. Or I’ll defect over to using Connections. That one isn’t bad, if a little too green.

It’s painful to look through the themes that free wordpress pages are allowed. Painful because there is always one problem or flaw with it that makes it troublesome to use.

Most of the one-column themes suffer from the crippling problem of being too thin and narrow, so posts look choked. I can’t get in more than a couple of sentences before the posts are several lines long, and it makes me feel like I’m rambling. Day Dream in particular is painfully skinny, made even worse because of the absurd padding on the borders.

The two-column themes are either not center aligned, don’t have custom banners, or the colors are atrocious. It’s almost a grab-bag. I wanted really hard to use the Fauna theme, I really did. It was perfect, but the banner was a hate-crime on my eyes, and unfortunately I can’t change that. Any other two-column themes are narrowly focused (Girl in Green) or so popular that I wretch at the thought of using them (ChaoticSoul).

3-columns are impossible to use unless you’re running a scanlation group out of it or something. There just isn’t enough shit to put in those sidebars. Not that I would want to subject people to anyway. Besides, they aren’t the best looking things you’ve laid eyes on.

the 3 4-column themes each suffer from their own special form of retardation. Fjords04 is cool and has potential for interesting banners, but the column with posts is rail-thin, with miniscule font size, and the other three columns are practically useless unless you widgetize your entire internet existence. Sandbox is completely useless unless you buy the CSS package, and Neo-Sapien looks retarded left-aligned like that, and is plagued by horrible design regardless.

There’s my short introduction on why every theme for the freepress sucks. I hope you found it helpful. I try.

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January 2, 2010 at 07:50

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