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this tagline is hilarious

The Header Collection

This page archives all of the headers I have made for the site, sorted by theme. Even though most of them are just tastefully cropped pages from artbooks I’ve squirreled away, it seems a shame to toss them every time I switch it up.

(760×190) – Misty Look

I really liked this one. If I ever go back to Misty Look...

Did you know that Yamamoto Keiji draws really adorable hands?

(780×095) – Freshy

Lookit that nip-slip!

Because it fit into the thin header.

Because it fit even better than the previous one.

Cause it's got a dude in it.

Yamamoto Keiji draws pretty stuff.

I would never use most of these headers, but they look really neat!


Written by PIR

January 3, 2010 at 03:02

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