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A Public Apology

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In a previous post I suggested that long visual novels are almost unanimously unappealing, and knocked Tsukihime for having art that is slightly less aesthetically pleasing than a leg infected with gangrene.

I’m here today to address the citizens of the internet with an apology for my previous statements.

A while ago (like before I left for college), I played Tsukihime quite extensively, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I began the venture with the goal of proving to Luco that it wasn’t completely awesome, but 4 and a half routes later I couldn’t exactly say that and not be lying.

I still think the art is less than stellar, but giving it the leeway a project made under it’s particular conditions deserves, they’re far from horrible.

I think the reason I was so turned off from the game before was because I was judging it by the near-side of the moon routes (Arcueid and Ciel), both of which are infinitely less interesting than the far-side routes, which bypass the vampire malarkey entirely. Once you shuffle through those and their shitty beginnings, you can see the decent endings, and then you get the privilege of accessing the far-side routes. Of them I probably enjoyed the  Hisui route the most, but They’re all pretty good.

All in all I think it opened my eyes and in the future I might give another ‘big’ visual novel a try, but much to luco’s dismay it probably won’t be Umineko because 07th Expansion sucks. I also still don’t take back any comments about Fate/stay night.


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November 18, 2009 at 00:47

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CROSS†CHANNEL is a fetid pile of horse shit

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And I have irrefutable proof.

[21:58] <@Luco_> speaking of things we hate…
[21:58] <@Luco_> I played about halfway through the second repition of cross channel…
[21:59] <@Luco_> it sucks

Luco is a god among men, and anything he deems unfit for human interaction must be so.

Don't be fooled by the pleasant artwork. Only pain and misery follow in its wake.

Don't be fooled by the pleasant artwork. Only pain and misery follow in its wake.

Cross Channel does suck though. BelYaun recommended it in our IRC channel, and luco sucked that shit up like it was Ambrosia. Naturally, I had to play it and prove him otherwise. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 10, 2009 at 21:28

Press Button, Recieve more Story

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So I guess I sorta played a couple porn visual novels.

This is still something I have a hard time digesting and an even harder time admitting because I didn’t exactly so it for the porn.

In both cases I started playing mainly for the story. In the case of Yume Miru Kusuru I started playing because Luco said the main route was about a frail girl getting bullied (always cool) and I started Wanko to Kurasou because LordPaper said it had a good story about anthropoid dogs, and I LOVE dogs so I was immediately interested. I was disappointed for the most part in both cases but I enjoy being a hardass on porn games because it’s easy. Read the rest of this entry »

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February 10, 2009 at 07:06

Press Button, Recieve Story

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I’m not a big proponent of visual novels, mostly because the ones I’ve played have pacing issues and are really long-winded. If I play Fate/Stay Night for over an hour and I’m still not past the prologue, then we have some problems.

Because of my aversion to needlessly long, pointless monologues I’ve largely avoided reading any visual novels except for some of the bigger ones, which I never finished.

But today I was inspired by a convo I had with Luco on IRC. It spurred me to hoard away on my hard drive a rather large armful of freeware visual novels in an attempt to find one or two that I could bear to finish. So now I’m playing them as they are being picked randomly out of lottery by Luco.

<@Pirate1019> Pick a number between 1 and 28

As it happens I finished a couple of them today. The first was a short story called “Adaigo”, and the second was a longer one titled “A Dream of Summer”. Read the rest of this entry »

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February 1, 2009 at 01:53