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Theme Change ftw!

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I changed the theme again already! And a new header that I’m pretty sure I’ll change when I find something that isn’t animu wimminz. Because the internet doesn’t need another blawg with animu wimminz in the header.

That said I give myself bonus points for not using a person that actually is from an animu or mango. I have this almost fetishistic desire to download artbooks, and this basically means that moe.imouto is my favorite place evar.

As if anybody cared, here is the original pic:

It’s the cover of Nishieda (Kuroi Kyoudain) – Senga Hon 3, an artbook that has one other interesting picture of some cat ear maid with an aggressively small uniform serving apple pie to a roomful of adorable kittens. The rest is horrible porn lineart. Don’t DL.

I made a header for Misty Look before my indecisive ass switched themes, and I think it looked a lot better. The extra height really helped.

And I’m not really sure why I’m explaining all of this, but I think it’s given me an idea to help fill out what is otherwise a very boring blog. If only a little bit. Huzzah? Tomorrow I’m going to write about all of the shit I bought on Steam during the holidays because of their sales, and try to piece together how I’ll ever get to even play them all, let alone beat some of them.


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January 3, 2010 at 02:02

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