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Sinfest Rules

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I was introduced to Sinfest a couple weeks ago, and aside from unavoidable distractions, like school, it’s been the majority shareholder of my time since.

TheĀ similarities to Calvin and Hobbes are immediately obvious if you’ve spent any time with that comic. Let me explain something. I fuckingĀ love Calvin and Hobbes. It was and still is the greatest comic strip to ever be serialized and I will motherfucking fight you if you disagree.

If Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest serialized comic strip ever (and it is), then Sinfest is the greatest webcomic ever. It’s a comedy, romance, musical, and socio/political/religious commentary rolled into one perfect package.

The earlier comics focus more on sex jokes and work to define each characters base personality, but about halfway through the archive things really take off, and it becomes one of those “just a few more” kind of things. As more characters are introduced, and the existing ones gain depth of character, the variety of the story expands and it really becomes a joy to read. Even at the break-neck pace of 7 comics a week with colored Sunday strips, Sinfest sidesteps mediocrity and remains entertaining.

Tatsuya Ishida has crafted something amazing. He’s changed how I look at religion and politics, as well as human relationships. I care about the characters. Hell, his artwork has inspired me to even try my hand at drawing. That’s more than I can say for any other artist or writer on the planet. What he’s done over the past 10 years is something special. Sinfest has replaced Questionable Content and Penny Arcade as the standard I hold other webcomics to.


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January 23, 2010 at 03:37

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