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Guess what I have?

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Because I’m secretly a girl, I went shopping today. I got a pretty good haul for $60.

I grabbed Spice and Wolf and The Book of Heroes to throw on top of the growing pile of  unread books. The Medic Droid’s What’s Your Medium, Daytripper issue 2, and a bamboo kendo sword are my other aquisi.

Obviously the most exciting of the purchases is the kendo sword. Obviously it’s just some merchandise imitation of a real one, but it’ll fucking sting if you get hit by it. The best part is my friend bought another one so we can beat each other up. I almost bought a wooden practice katana instead, but that’s not something you dual your friend with. That’s something you use to break bones. No fun if I never get to use it right?


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January 25, 2010 at 00:01

In Celebration of Breaching the 50 Post Mark…

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I’m doing absolutely nothing! Go me.

A few hours ago I decided to go on a walk. I live on the other side of two sets of train tracks from the rest of the city (no joke). Imagine my despair when I see that a train has stopped across the road, blocking my entryway into a small city with little or no places of interest.

“Fuck that noise! I’ll go the back road”

Just before the tracks is a derelict road with all of 2 houses on it that runs along the tracks and comes out further in town. It’s useful to travel by car because by the time you get to the end the train has normally passed, and it’s in the direction of any useful place in town anyway. It’s a bit far to go by foot, but the train wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Maybe 400 meters down the road I begin searching for a convenient place to cross the tracks since I’ve passed the train, and the main building of the station is the other direction. After almost running straight into a barbwire fence I notice a break in the fence a few yards ahead. Too bad it’s pitch black out, and I end up catching on barbwire anyway. Tore a hole in my pants and even more holes in my leg.

I probably need a tetanus shot, but fuck it, I’ve gotten worse cuts on dirtier metal before. I’ve done my fair share of illegal climbing.

I cross the tracks and come out next to the local Zip’s “stomach-splosion” Drive-in and get hollered at by the girl at the window with the microphone to talk with the cars. I should have asked her out or something. That would have garnered an interesting response.

That’s about the end of my adventure. After that I wandered like a homeless person for 20 minutes until the train left and then I walked home. Real exciting stuff. I almost went into a laundromat so I could sit there like a creepster, but decided against it.

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January 24, 2010 at 00:12

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Break is Over

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Yesterday after going to bed at 6:30 or so and waking up at 11:00, I spent the next several hours packing my life into a bag and 2 boxes, and driving back up to the apartment with Sekai. Winter break can’t last forever.

It’s strange that one year ago a two-hour car trip seemed like a very long time, especially if you were the unfortunate sucker to get stuck driving. Now that I live two hours away from my family, a trip that long isn’t anywhere near the bother it seemed before. 2 hours is just long enough to count as a long trip, but it’s short enough that it isn’t unreasonable to do even as often as every weekend, if you’ve got enough reason.

We weren’t even finished with the driving when we got home. As soon as we threw our things back into our rooms, we got back in the car to drive to the mall, which is a good 20-30 minute trip. On the way back I got to tell a cop that we were grabbing some Dick’s though. I don’t think he appreciated the way I worded it. Maybe I should have just said we grabbed some food.

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January 4, 2010 at 00:01

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Money With Wings

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Since moving to a decidedly smaller city than the one I grew up in, which is unfortunately located within short distance of a decidedly bigger city than the one I grew up in, I have had a hard time keeping my money with me. There are a lot of specialty stores and other sinkholes for my money speckled throughout the city that simply didn’t have an audience at home. Bad news for me then that I find so many things worth my attention if presented to my face. A somewhat thorough list of purchases since school started:

  • A G.I. winter parka complete with removable snow hood
  • Insulated tactical boots
  • No less than 5 DS and PS2 games.
  • A lockpick set and guide.
  • Tickets to 3 music shows at 2 venues
  • A comic book (price is irrelevant, the spontaneity is what matters)
  • A lot of fast food (much to my body’s protests)

I can write off the boots and parka as necessary purchases given the weather here during winter, and they were actually a very good deal. The other purchases however are only depleting my monies and reducing the chances of me purchasing either a netbook, a new computer, or second monitor.

When can be assed: Borderlands impressions, because it wasn’t as full of mind-popping amazingness as advertised and lauded. Indie games on Steam, because they are afforsable, and some of them let you jump off of buildings. Finally, Dragon’s Age hate-speech, because it is not “the greatest fantasy themed RPG ever“. lol

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November 13, 2009 at 01:19

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Moving in to dorms and boring RL stuff

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In the last few days I’ve been uprooted from my nerd cave and relocated to a bigger, more collective nerd cave.

The whole college thing couldn’t be ignored forever, so here I am in an off-campus dorm unit with 2 other uber-geeks. Altogether we have the ability to play any game from the N64/PSX era onward on it’s native hardware, with a setup that will embarrass most people.

It’s kind of fun to think of it in those terms, and I can’t say it’ll be detrimental for me to learn the independent living skills necessary from survival (i.e. cooking or dealing with stupid people).

As an extra bonus, my room comes with a desk, so now I have a proper computer setup. Someday I’ll write about my previous setup becaue it was certainly an interesting one, from both ergonomic and ridiculousness standpoints.

Now that  I have this new setup I can use that Wacom tablet I bought an eternity ago. It just wasn’t very feasible or convenient to use one before. Now let’s hope I actually put it to use.

Best positive: I am no longer using wireless internet. The room has an ethernet hookup. Goodbye flickery internet and silly IRC disconnects.

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September 16, 2009 at 20:18

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