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Chiptunes and Scanning

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Yesterday instead of doing things that will earn me money or better grades, I DJ’d a bunch of chiptunes and scanned Majimoji 01.

DJ’ing a radio station while scanning is good because scanning is boring and monotonous. If you’re scanning at 600dpi like you should be, you LQ bastard, then the time it takes to scan a page is a length of time both too long to be considered brief, and too short to be used for much else than queuing songs in Winamp.

I have a lot of music squirreled away on my hard drives in hard to see corners, long forgotten after being copied over the course of multiple OS installs and reorganizations. Finding these is almost like finding something magical while searching the beach with a metal detector. There is no feeling quite like finding a folder on your computer filled to the bursting with digital trinkets and souvenirs.

I found 26 gigabytes of Touhou music that I forgot I downloaded.


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January 28, 2010 at 14:16

Scanlation is serious business

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So it’s probably obvious given the prolific nature of my nickname in places such as here and here, that I’m in a scanlation group. It’s a bit of a silly hobby on my part given that I rarely read manga thse days, if I ever did to begin with, and that I generally dislike the position and the people that I’m catering to.

the reasons I dislike leechers are numerous, and range from bad taste in reading material to horrible grammar, but most of all I hate them because they are on the other end of the chapter. I work on it, they read it. It’s as simple as that. I hat ethem because they aren’t on my side of the release.

Here’s the way it works. Even to someone like me that basically read 33 volumes of bleach because he had no friends one summer, found better things to ruin his brain with, and started fishing around for decent manga cleaning tutorials on google, the entire manga/anime scene is split between two groups. the leechers and the not leechers.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, whether you like posting on forums a lot, or whether you comment with thank yous after every release. We hate you. We hate you.

Not that I care as much as it sounds like I do. I’ve moved past “I want people to acknowledge that I released this so I’m going to keep track of downlaods and comments!” stage, and passed the “you stole my project! give it back!” nonsense. I’ve stopped caring and I only really do it anymore so I can still talk with the people I’ve been doing it with for two years. Leechers are just lucky bystanders that get to ride my coattails to the land of free manga

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August 9, 2009 at 22:44

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We Dun’ Gone and Fucked Up

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Recently Vagrant Scans released the first chapter of a new (ish) series titled Majimoji Rurumo. While this is all well and good, there are several problems with it. Virtually all of them sprung from us using a bad batch of raw scans.

The first is that it’s not even titled right. We (and the rest of the net) have been referring to it as Majimoji Rurumo from day 1, and while this is technically correct, we’ve found that in several places the tankoban volumes refer to themselves as Magimogi Rurumo. It’s likely in reference to the english “magic”, if it wasn’t already plain as day.

We’ve taken to date a stance of using the mangaka’s ‘official’ romanization on all of our projects if it’s given at all, but we can’t exactly do that in this case since changing it would place all subsequent chapters above chapter 1 alphabetically. This poses more of a problem if you’re like me and use CDisplay to look at stuff. We’re also batshit anal about formatting everything.

Second problem is the scans. they were bad. Honestly some of the worst scans I’ve ever seen with regard to dirt and leveling. They looked terrible and Morpheuxx just barely managed to rescue them. They were bad enough that I opted to purchase two of the bound volumes and scan them myself. They arrived at my doorstep a 3 days ago and I am slowly scanning them in and cleaning them myself. It a very pleasing, therapeutic activity. I look over the newly cleaned scans  and then back at the magazine scans, and I smile.

It’s also surprisingly satisfying to debind a bound volume of manga. I might write somthing on bedinding and scanning later, since there seems to be a shortage of information on that in relation to all of the other stages of translating a chapter.

Third and most important problem is that we skipped releasing an entire chapter. When I opened volume 1 and started flipping through, I saw a chapter 00. It explains all of the important stuff that is missing in chapter 1, like how Shibaki knows Rurumo, and where he got those tickets. It also is introduces the characters proper and gives a proper image of the setting and background. Basically its supersrs important stuff.

We’re definitely gonna release that before we continue on to chapter 02. I’m not sure whether we’ll re-release 01 before 02 or not but we’re gonna have ourselves a nice HQ collection one way or the other. We’re gonna use the ‘new’ name as well, and hopefully change any other problems if we find them.

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March 19, 2009 at 18:19

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Filename Formatting for Dummies

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It hurts to think that this is necessary, but I can’t ignore it. Formatting is really fucking important to manga translation, yet people ignore it to the point of me needing to unzip the chapter and manually fix everything. srsly, wtf?

Rule number 01

Make it uniform for crying out loud.

If your chapter’s name format changes every 3 or 4 releases then you are failing it. Hard. If you can’t get anything else right, then at least get all of your stuff wrong consistently so I

There’s a reason that fansub groups name their shit identical to the rest of their shit. So it appears in alphabetical order. Contrary to popular belief, the most common method of sorting files in a folder is by name. Except you’re the only person that thinks otherwise. And you are stupid.

If a group I was in was guilty of this so help me God there would be hell to pay.

Rule number 02

Use underscores.

This may not be as blatently obvious as rule number 01 but lets hope I can get this point across. Not everyone has your computer. Different computers can treat files differently than your computer does. Some computers don’t like spaces used in filenames. Capiche? End of story.

Rule number 03

The zero key is there for you buddy. Don’t forget about it.

Nothing is worse than opening a chapter and the page order being:

1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, ,23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28  etc.

Some PCs don’t automatically add the preceding zero for you so don’t be a dick and hit the extra key.

Rule number 04

Add the volume and chapter count you twit. Some people like to know important information like that.

And if you insist on not doing so, don’t reset the page number for every chapter. Nothing like trying to make a volume-sized batch and needing to rename every file after the first chapter.

Rule number 05

Do not put your group name at the beginning of the chapter’s filename.

I don’t sort through my downloaded manga by group. Don’t act so vain. I already had to go to your website to download it, and there’s a credits page I’ll see at the (probably) beginning of the chaper. It’s the only thing you double check to make sure appears in the right place anyway. And if you’re really wanting to make sure I never forget about you then you’ll have a watermark or web link somewhere on every page. Congratulations you’ve gotten your wish. I’ll never forget you. You’ll always be “that horrible group” in my mind.

Not like anybody will change this ‘rule’ though. Names in front isn’t a mess up. It’s an industry mistake that has become the norm.


It’s hard for me to think of a way to close this up without sounding like a srsbsns fag so I’ll just say that it’s super annoying when people don’t do stuff without thinking first. I guess I’ll link a couple of freeware batch renamers that I’ve found useful as an offering of goodwill:

Oscar’s Renamer – Pretty sweet deal. Opens all of the filenames in the equivalent of a notepad file to let you change them as you see fit.

Space Tornado Renamer – Lacks that coolio free-edit feature Oscar’s has but Space Tornado has better replace/remove/add/etc. scripts so it’s much more useful if you need to remove the same thing from a bazillion files

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January 19, 2009 at 00:00