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Chiptunes and Scanning

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Yesterday instead of doing things that will earn me money or better grades, I DJ’d a bunch of chiptunes and scanned Majimoji 01.

DJ’ing a radio station while scanning is good because scanning is boring and monotonous. If you’re scanning at 600dpi like you should be, you LQ bastard, then the time it takes to scan a page is a length of time both too long to be considered brief, and too short to be used for much else than queuing songs in Winamp.

I have a lot of music squirreled away on my hard drives in hard to see corners, long forgotten after being copied over the course of multiple OS installs and reorganizations. Finding these is almost like finding something magical while searching the beach with a metal detector. There is no feeling quite like finding a folder on your computer filled to the bursting with digital trinkets and souvenirs.

I found 26 gigabytes of Touhou music that I forgot I downloaded.


Written by PIR

January 28, 2010 at 14:16