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Like When You Sniff a Sneaker

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Beware, all ye who enter.

I have subjected myself to the most grievous of activities. Just yesterday I marathoned Strawberry Panic in it’s entirety. I’m still mulling over the mental and physical ramifications of what I subjected myself to, and coming to grips with the undeniable fact that I am either very very stupid, or very very masochistic.

I’m not even sure how it got on my hard drive. Witchcraft of some kind I guess.

I was lured in by the opening song. Good music is a weakness of mine. More than one person will vouch for my habit of “Watching it for the OP”. It’s how I justified watching 22 episodes of Shuffle, dubbed.

I can’t give a lot of credit to the show on any level, but there are two things that are worth mentioning. First is that while the voice acting is somewhere between ‘lackluster’ and ‘adequate’, I found the crying to be above average, even by today’s standards. I don’t know if the actors took courses on it or what. Secondly, the story. It is either completely derivative and unoriginal, or it is the show from which everything else derived, because the entire show was an excercise in déjà vu. I know I haven’t seen Strawberry Panic before.

My body couldn’t take that a second time.


Written by PIR

December 19, 2009 at 15:13

Buying a faulty DVD never got me so much cool garbage.

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So roughly an eon ago I bought the first 2 volumes of Code Geass on DVD. this was waaaay back when they were first getting released. I brought it home and being the little kid I am, proceeded to open it and watch even though I’d already seen the show back when it was airing in Japan. Too bad the first press of those DVDs had a bad “anti-piracy” sector on the second disc that stopped the player in it’s tracks.

Needless to say I was pissed because I paid perfectly good money that I could have used on hookers and blow, so I got a replacement. Much to my surprise when I opened the package with the discs, a bunch of stickers and pencil boards and postcards slid out as well.

Bandai certainly wasn’t shy about trying to make up for ruining my disc with anti-piracy sectors but they could have given me a better selection. The Onegai Twins postcards were a bit over the top.


If you want an honest answer to why I am writing about things that happend a looooong time ago, I’d have to say it was because I liked the post title. I saw this during an attempt to clear out the sizeable number of drafts this place has, and I hit publish instead of delete.

Written by PIR

August 20, 2009 at 11:36

Tis’ the Season for Bad Endings

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I’m not going to go into huge detail, but I hereby declare the winter’09 the current recordholder for most shows with bad endings. Let’s go with a nice list because those fucking rule.

  • Gundam 00 Season 2
  • Skip beat
  • Sky Crawlers (if movies are included)
  • Toradora
  • White Album

This is just from what I myself have seen and thought of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are others.

Written by PIR

March 29, 2009 at 21:05

Tamaya is the Top!? Spread Legs Form

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This is not a joke. That is Rideback 02’s title.

Giggling at unintentional innuendo aside let’s talk about Rideback because it’s still awesome.

Things happen, and the gruff, manly acting blonde bombshell challenges brunette ballerina to a showdown in the rideback club’s innapropriately Christmas-colored ridebacks.

Rin once again pilot’s rides the semi-intelligent spanish motorcycle droid, and Tamaya (here on out referred to as Butch) rides the RBZ, a generically named machine that is seemingly an exact carbon-copy of Fuego, minus the brain and Latin-American name (making it 100x less cool).

The story so far seems to be heading in a rather lame “Aim to be the best in Japan!” sort of direction, but I still have hopes. RIn doesn’t seem to be super-competitive, or boast a lot, so it might not be painfully lolpowerlevels and stuff. I also  still harbor a deep desire for the military Ridebacks in the OP to be a clue that the story veers away from the direction it’s heading and on towards a (hopefully) much more interesting one.

A list because I can:

  • Glasses girl is so loud it warranted me turning the volume on my system down. Nice going.
  • Butch couldn’t sound more like she was trying to be a man if she was on a steroid regiment.
  • Soundtrack, when not being drowned out by glasses girl’s fangirling, is very super-good. I hope there’s an OST release soon. The OP/ED aren’t bad either, but omfg the OP sounds like Kotoko instead of Mell.
  • Oh yeah, Aniyoshi is subbing it too, so there’ll be a good quality release to archive. Stoked.

Written by PIR

January 21, 2009 at 23:13

3 Reasons Rideback is Awesome

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I’ve always loved lists. So here’s a list of why Rideback is awesome.

  1. It’s aired in HD. This is important. I use a 24″ 1920×1200 resolution screen. Unless something is at least 1280×720 then when I fullscreen the video I can see every blemish and every blocking artifact. Not a showkiller but it’s always so much better when you don’t notice the huge amounts of blocking and choppy gradients.
  2. The CG is fabulous. If you wish to contest me then watch from 18:40 to 19:00 of episode 1 again. Maybe I just have the bar set too low. Last Exile is the threshold for bad CG in my opinion, and it’s hard to be worse than last Exile.
  3. Skating mechs. My favorite things about the knightmares from Code Geass were the skate things they moved around on and how they had almost lifelike movement. That’s why I was disappointed when all of the battles started taking place in the sky and they just shot HEUG lazers at each other. Fuego has a similar skate/wheel setup when it’s in it’s humanoid form and I loved it.

Pretty shallow list, yeah? Well I can’t exactly comment on the story since there wasn’t much to comment on in episode 1. “Ballarina girl is emo about her broken ankle to the dismay of her harem of squeeling fans and finds solace in a dancing rollerskate-bot. There is was also a war and stuff. FYI”

Written by PIR

January 18, 2009 at 17:20