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It’s the greatest Gitaroo ever!

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I bought Gitaroo Man for the PS2 a few weeks ago while I was at my parent’s house, but I forgot to pack it up with me on my way back to the dorms. I made sure to grab it today on my way out so it’s firmly in my possession now. Too bad I’m already done playing it.

Gitaroo Man, for all it’s awesome, is only about 90 minutes long if you don’t fail too many stages. The story is wacky, the characters are off-the-wall, the cutscenes are laughably amateurish looking, and equally amazing, and the music is awesome. All 10 songs. Basically it’s everything anybody could ask of a rhythm game, but without the longevity.

To be fair, the gameplay is a bit hit-and-miss, because the 360 degree fan mechanic could have used some work, and it never feels like you’re missing the notes because you suck, but as long as you don’t go into it expecting to get A’s on every song, those are fairly minor gripes. Hell, I paid $20  for the whole game and I gladly would have given $10 just to watch the cut scenes. There are way worse things you can throw $20 at. Like the Drag Me to Hell Blu-Ray.


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November 29, 2009 at 21:26

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