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Guess what I have?

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Because I’m secretly a girl, I went shopping today. I got a pretty good haul for $60.

I grabbed Spice and Wolf and The Book of Heroes to throw on top of the growing pile of ¬†unread books. The Medic Droid’s What’s Your Medium, Daytripper issue 2, and a bamboo kendo sword are my other aquisi.

Obviously the most exciting of the purchases is the kendo sword. Obviously it’s just some merchandise imitation of a real one, but it’ll fucking sting if you get hit by it. The best part is my friend bought another one so we can beat each other up. I almost bought a wooden practice katana instead, but that’s not something you dual your friend with. That’s something you use to break bones. No fun if I never get to use it right?


Written by PIR

January 25, 2010 at 00:01