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An essay on Galaxies. Rogue ones.

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Me and sekai sat down and finished playing Rogue Galaxy. I’m not sure what compelled us to play it initially, but I wish it hadn’t shown itself.

Being candid, the game sucks. I can’t fathom how anybody thinks its good. It’s problems are legion, to the point that I’m unsure of whether the game went through a quality checking phase at all.

The interface, and the menu in particular, is unintuitive and feels like walking through molasses. Getting to even the simplest of windows that you access more or less constantly, requires the traversal of a minimum of two sub-menus, which in itself isn’t good design, but compounded with the dead time after pressing X where no inputs are sensed this becomes a very real and very  annoying problem. At least once every time I went into the menu, I ended up going into the wrong submenu because I didn’t wait for the dead time after the transition animation. The item menu also lacks tabs sorted by item type, and so ‘clusterfuck’ doesn’t even begin to accurately describe it.

Now for the big failure.

Rogue Galaxy is the most unbalanced game I have ever played. Never before, and hopefully never again, will I play a game balanced as horribly as this. There are so many things wrong with it that I’m having trouble knowing where to start or how to organize it. Read the rest of this entry »


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January 11, 2010 at 10:16

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Break is Over

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Yesterday after going to bed at 6:30 or so and waking up at 11:00, I spent the next several hours packing my life into a bag and 2 boxes, and driving back up to the apartment with Sekai. Winter break can’t last forever.

It’s strange that one year ago a two-hour car trip seemed like a very long time, especially if you were the unfortunate sucker to get stuck driving. Now that I live two hours away from my family, a trip that long isn’t anywhere near the bother it seemed before. 2 hours is just long enough to count as a long trip, but it’s short enough that it isn’t unreasonable to do even as often as every weekend, if you’ve got enough reason.

We weren’t even finished with the driving when we got home. As soon as we threw our things back into our rooms, we got back in the car to drive to the mall, which is a good 20-30 minute trip. On the way back I got to tell a cop that we were grabbing some Dick’s though. I don’t think he appreciated the way I worded it. Maybe I should have just said we grabbed some food.

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January 4, 2010 at 00:01

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Theme Change ftw!

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I changed the theme again already! And a new header that I’m pretty sure I’ll change when I find something that isn’t animu wimminz. Because the internet doesn’t need another blawg with animu wimminz in the header.

That said I give myself bonus points for not using a person that actually is from an animu or mango. I have this almost fetishistic desire to download artbooks, and this basically means that moe.imouto is my favorite place evar.

As if anybody cared, here is the original pic:

It’s the cover of Nishieda (Kuroi Kyoudain) – Senga Hon 3, an artbook that has one other interesting picture of some cat ear maid with an aggressively small uniform serving apple pie to a roomful of adorable kittens. The rest is horrible porn lineart. Don’t DL.

I made a header for Misty Look before my indecisive ass switched themes, and I think it looked a lot better. The extra height really helped.

And I’m not really sure why I’m explaining all of this, but I think it’s given me an idea to help fill out what is otherwise a very boring blog. If only a little bit. Huzzah? Tomorrow I’m going to write about all of the shit I bought on Steam during the holidays because of their sales, and try to piece together how I’ll ever get to even play them all, let alone beat some of them.

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January 3, 2010 at 02:02

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New-ish Theme

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Changed the theme again because iNova or whatever it is was too busy. I didn’t use a lion’s share of the features and it didn’t look particularly good anyway. So back to Misty Look, because its simple. Maybe I’ll bother to change the banner again too. Maybe. Or I’ll defect over to using Connections. That one isn’t bad, if a little too green.

It’s painful to look through the themes that free wordpress pages are allowed. Painful because there is always one problem or flaw with it that makes it troublesome to use.

Most of the one-column themes suffer from the crippling problem of being too thin and narrow, so posts look choked. I can’t get in more than a couple of sentences before the posts are several lines long, and it makes me feel like I’m rambling. Day Dream in particular is painfully skinny, made even worse because of the absurd padding on the borders.

The two-column themes are either not center aligned, don’t have custom banners, or the colors are atrocious. It’s almost a grab-bag. I wanted really hard to use the Fauna theme, I really did. It was perfect, but the banner was a hate-crime on my eyes, and unfortunately I can’t change that. Any other two-column themes are narrowly focused (Girl in Green) or so popular that I wretch at the thought of using them (ChaoticSoul).

3-columns are impossible to use unless you’re running a scanlation group out of it or something. There just isn’t enough shit to put in those sidebars. Not that I would want to subject people to anyway. Besides, they aren’t the best looking things you’ve laid eyes on.

the 3 4-column themes each suffer from their own special form of retardation. Fjords04 is cool and has potential for interesting banners, but the column with posts is rail-thin, with miniscule font size, and the other three columns are practically useless unless you widgetize your entire internet existence. Sandbox is completely useless unless you buy the CSS package, and Neo-Sapien looks retarded left-aligned like that, and is plagued by horrible design regardless.

There’s my short introduction on why every theme for the freepress sucks. I hope you found it helpful. I try.

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January 2, 2010 at 07:50

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Loves me some NYR

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I have been under control of this particular wordpress for something like the past infinity years, and even including the 3 or 4 wipes I’ve done over the years, the number of posts is still completely negligible. This in itself isn’t a problem. I hardly feel bad for not shouting into thin air more than infrequently, but it’s part of a bigger issue.

It’s almost like a hobby of mine to avoid critical thought or mental effort whenever convenient, and it can be seen in the lack of posts that have anything to do with anything. Therefore

my new year’s resolution is to post here more often.

It would be fruitless to resolve to do something as qualitative as ‘thinking more’ or ‘trying to think more critically’, but writing can be measured, as can blog posts. If I resolve to write more, then consequently I will think more. In theory anyway. Results may vary.

What I’ll post about or how long each post will be is still a mystery to me, and I probably want to keep it that way. The first resolution I make should be one I can achieve.

Anyway, cheers on living to another January 1st.

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January 1, 2010 at 00:00

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They say not to spend for yourself…

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This year for Christmas I’m getting nothing but a $350 check for a netbook, so I decided to buy my own presents this year. Aren’t I sweet?

Steam has some pretty wicked deals for the holidays, and I decided to pony up for a handful of neat bargain bin titles. The first one I tried was Eufloria, which appeals to me immensely because it’s simple. And I’m a sucker for that ambient style of presentation. I grabbed Droplitz because it’s published by Atlus, and they tend to have good taste in games. I’ve only put 45 minutes or something into it, but it can be boiled down into Pipe Mania on hardcore pills. The one I’ve played the least so far is Aquaria, and that’s simply because it’s too involved. I was way to far gone to play that with any sort of success. Alternatively, the one I’ve already poured 10 hours into in Audiosurf, which I assume everybody already knows about.

I’ll save writing about them further for a rainy day. A rainy day where I am afflicted with a poisonous desire to talk about random games to an audience of nobody.

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December 24, 2009 at 00:58

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Haikasoru: It Tastes like Words

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I am way too cheap (read: poor) to fork out for a current generation game console, and I own every PS2 game worth buying. What am I supposed to buy in order to give my life a sense of meaning and purpose? I’ve taken up the hobby of purchasing books published by Haikasoru. Just today I completed my collection with the purchase of Brave Story and Battle Royale.

Sometimes I actually read these books too.

A few weeks ago I read through Usurper of the Sun, chosen over such titles as Zoo and All You Need Is Kill by the decidedly unbiased method of “Picking a number”. It wasn’t something I find “great” to be a bad descriptor of. The characters were likable, the scenario was interesting, and the technobabble kept at a level that is both accessible and immersive. I felt smart reading it.

Today, continuing my eternal struggle to put off beating Digital Devil Saga 2 once and for all, I read The Lord of the Sands of Time. Ignoring that it is a short 196 pages, and reads very fast, the fact I read it in a single sitting speaks volumes about how good it is. It strikes a balance of being intricate and captivating and complex and all of the other good words people say about nice things, while still appealing to the kind of gut emotions that most people deny having. While the fight for Humanity’s survival is always at the forefront of the story, it still manages to be emotional on a significant level.

So far Haikasoru has given me two books that were worth what I paid for them, and if zoo is as interesting as all of Otsuichi’s other translated works, then it will soon be 3.

Their blog is also interesting. This earns them much respect.

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December 20, 2009 at 23:21

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