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I have been under control of this particular wordpress for something like the past infinity years, and even including the 3 or 4 wipes I’ve done over the years, the number of posts is still completely negligible. This in itself isn’t a problem. I hardly feel bad for not shouting into thin air more than infrequently, but it’s part of a bigger issue.

It’s almost like a hobby of mine to avoid critical thought or mental effort whenever convenient, and it can be seen in the lack of posts that have anything to do with anything. Therefore

my new year’s resolution is to post here more often.

It would be fruitless to resolve to do something as qualitative as ‘thinking more’ or ‘trying to think more critically’, but writing can be measured, as can blog posts. If I resolve to write more, then consequently I will think more. In theory anyway. Results may vary.

What I’ll post about or how long each post will be is still a mystery to me, and I probably want to keep it that way. The first resolution I make should be one I can achieve.

Anyway, cheers on living to another January 1st.


Written by PIR

January 1, 2010 at 00:00

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