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Since moving to a decidedly smaller city than the one I grew up in, which is unfortunately located within short distance of a decidedly bigger city than the one I grew up in, I have had a hard time keeping my money with me. There are a lot of specialty stores and other sinkholes for my money speckled throughout the city that simply didn’t have an audience at home. Bad news for me then that I find so many things worth my attention if presented to my face. A somewhat thorough list of purchases since school started:

  • A G.I. winter parka complete with removable snow hood
  • Insulated tactical boots
  • No less than 5 DS and PS2 games.
  • A lockpick set and guide.
  • Tickets to 3 music shows at 2 venues
  • A comic book (price is irrelevant, the spontaneity is what matters)
  • A lot of fast food (much to my body’s protests)

I can write off the boots and parka as necessary purchases given the weather here during winter, and they were actually a very good deal. The other purchases however are only depleting my monies and reducing the chances of me purchasing either a netbook, a new computer, or second monitor.

When can be assed: Borderlands impressions, because it wasn’t as full of mind-popping amazingness as advertised and lauded. Indie games on Steam, because they are afforsable, and some of them let you jump off of buildings. Finally, Dragon’s Age hate-speech, because it is not “the greatest fantasy themed RPG ever“. lol


Written by PIR

November 13, 2009 at 01:19

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