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Game Review: CoD 4 / CoD World at War

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Miniature review is miniature because I can’t be assed to properly review games that have been out for ages if they are also as popular and well known as these are. That and I just don’t care that much. They were short and too easy, excepting a few unreasonably busy levels.

Stories were good, although I enjoyed CoD 4’s story more. Both switch between 2 different views of the conflict, one focusing more on massive battles and killing dozens of people, and the other more of a sneaky sneaky I like sniper rifles and silenced weapons deal.

Gameplay is virtually identical, with weapon skin swaps and removal of cool things like night vision for World at War. It’s good stuff, and manages to keep anybody interested enough to see it through to the end.

Biggest problems are the lack of motivation to try out new weapons (the defaults are almost always preferable, and I never even looked at the ammo indicators, much less needed to care how much I had left),  and the select few levels that consist of huge sprawling battles that are nigh impossible to reasonably manage because your allies refuse to advance, with  enemies that respawn too fast for you to sprint to the next line of cover yourself, cueing the AI to move.

No comment on multiplayer. I didn’t partake.

Sounds are…good? I really don’t know. I don’t hear stinger missiles and AK-47’s going off very often. Voices are nice, and the music is good and fits nicely.

Visuals are pretty good, but unless you can turn the higher end effects on, the jungle foliage in World at War, and the smoke trails in CoD 4 will look like shit. People look like garbage up close, but that’s nothing new and every other game ever falls into the same trap. They look much better from a distance, or from any angle where you won’t see the face.

In the end I enjoyed playing them, and that’s rare enough for me in the realm of FPS games. I quit enjoying the genre around the time Halo became the default template for a ‘good’ FPS.


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October 13, 2009 at 21:57

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