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Moving in to dorms and boring RL stuff

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In the last few days I’ve been uprooted from my nerd cave and relocated to a bigger, more collective nerd cave.

The whole college thing couldn’t be ignored forever, so here I am in an off-campus dorm unit with 2 other uber-geeks. Altogether we have the ability to play any game from the N64/PSX era onward on it’s native hardware, with a setup that will embarrass most people.

It’s kind of fun to think of it in those terms, and I can’t say it’ll be detrimental for me to learn the independent living skills necessary from survival (i.e. cooking or dealing with stupid people).

As an extra bonus, my room comes with a desk, so now I have a proper computer setup. Someday I’ll write about my previous setup becaue it was certainly an interesting one, from both ergonomic and ridiculousness standpoints.

Now that  I have this new setup I can use that Wacom tablet I bought an eternity ago. It just wasn’t very feasible or convenient to use one before. Now let’s hope I actually put it to use.

Best positive: I am no longer using wireless internet. The room has an ethernet hookup. Goodbye flickery internet and silly IRC disconnects.


Written by PIR

September 16, 2009 at 20:18

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