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Game Review: Braid

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I just finished playing Braid today. I started two days ago and through semi-casual playing I just finished it.

On the whole the game can be considered superb. Visuals are quirky and charming, Music is mood setting, and puzzles are immersive and gratifying to finish.

Story is too subjective for me to really claim to know it’s value. People talk about how it’s deep and thought provoking and multi-layered but all I really got from it was schizophrenic nonsense with some nuckear bomb undertones. The only part of it that really struck me was the realization during stage 1-1. Mileage will vary steeply depending on how much of a fag you are for ‘deep’ story elements.

One thing about the game pisses me off. The fanbase is full of soft-brained impressionables who collectively caught a bad case of pretentiousness.

One of Braid’s most appealing qualities is the sense of satisfaction you get when something just clicks, and you figure out a particularly difficult puzzle. Jonathan knew this, and recommended that players work through the game themselves without the aid of guides or FAQs.

That’s cool, but players seem to have read the game’s official walkthrough, and became completely oblivious of the hypocrisy when they make walkthroughs and tell me not to read them.

It is unbelievable how contagious pretentiousness is. All of the above links state explicitly to not read guides and to figure it out for yourself because braid is “a meticulously crafted work of art” and is somehow above other games.

Fuck that shit. Just because the creator says something like “don’t use a walkthrough lol” doesn’t give everybody else license to act like a twat. Pull your head out of your ass and stop trying to act like Blow.


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September 13, 2009 at 16:00

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