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I would be doing something like playing DDS2 or getting around to beating Mana Khemia before the sequel arrives on my doorstep (I plowed through 3/4 of the first game in a weekend shortly after it was released and then shelved it until now), but my PS2 is boxed up, ready to be moved to its new home in my dorm room.

I would be scanning Bee-be-beat it! or Magimogi Rurumo but  I can’t be assed since I refuse to do a poor job.

I would be playing Braid and ignoring the story because I think it’s full of pretentiousness but I am stuck on a certain puzzle piece and refuse to look at a guide or skip it and come back later.

I could be watching Needless, but I can only take so much of a show that I watch entirely for the visuals.

I could be doing all of these things, but I’m not. So I’m writing some nonsense instead.

Maybe I’ll look for a WP theme that has what I want but isn’t so square and businesslike, or lurk on /jp/ and wish I didn’t hate everyone there, or browse Everything2.

Or I’ll sit here with a stupid look on my face until something to do shows up.


Written by PIR

September 13, 2009 at 02:07

Posted in Miscellaneous

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