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Buying a faulty DVD never got me so much cool garbage.

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So roughly an eon ago I bought the first 2 volumes of Code Geass on DVD. this was waaaay back when they were first getting released. I brought it home and being the little kid I am, proceeded to open it and watch even though I’d already seen the show back when it was airing in Japan. Too bad the first press of those DVDs had a bad “anti-piracy” sector on the second disc that stopped the player in it’s tracks.

Needless to say I was pissed because I paid perfectly good money that I could have used on hookers and blow, so I got a replacement. Much to my surprise when I opened the package with the discs, a bunch of stickers and pencil boards and postcards slid out as well.

Bandai certainly wasn’t shy about trying to make up for ruining my disc with anti-piracy sectors but they could have given me a better selection. The Onegai Twins postcards were a bit over the top.


If you want an honest answer to why I am writing about things that happend a looooong time ago, I’d have to say it was because I liked the post title. I saw this during an attempt to clear out the sizeable number of drafts this place has, and I hit publish instead of delete.


Written by PIR

August 20, 2009 at 11:36

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