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So it’s probably obvious given the prolific nature of my nickname in places such as here and here, that I’m in a scanlation group. It’s a bit of a silly hobby on my part given that I rarely read manga thse days, if I ever did to begin with, and that I generally dislike the position and the people that I’m catering to.

the reasons I dislike leechers are numerous, and range from bad taste in reading material to horrible grammar, but most of all I hate them because they are on the other end of the chapter. I work on it, they read it. It’s as simple as that. I hat ethem because they aren’t on my side of the release.

Here’s the way it works. Even to someone like me that basically read 33 volumes of bleach because he had no friends one summer, found better things to ruin his brain with, and started fishing around for decent manga cleaning tutorials on google, the entire manga/anime scene is split between two groups. the leechers and the not leechers.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, whether you like posting on forums a lot, or whether you comment with thank yous after every release. We hate you. We hate you.

Not that I care as much as it sounds like I do. I’ve moved past “I want people to acknowledge that I released this so I’m going to keep track of downlaods and comments!” stage, and passed the “you stole my project! give it back!” nonsense. I’ve stopped caring and I only really do it anymore so I can still talk with the people I’ve been doing it with for two years. Leechers are just lucky bystanders that get to ride my coattails to the land of free manga


Written by PIR

August 9, 2009 at 22:44

Posted in Scanlation

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