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It’s all theoretical, since I am terrible at sticking to commitments I make to myself, and loath work and self exertion, but assuming I can muster the will, I might open a review section of the site, because I am boring and want to be like every other nerd blogger ever. I guess the catch would be that I pretty much exclusively play Megaten and Tales of games, both of which I love more than my own family. That’s a lie, I’ve played or own pretty much any RPG for the PS2 that I can find for under $50 that isn’t utter horse shit, but these are the only ones I ever really beat or remember anything about.

So I guess the first game would be Digital Devil Saga 1, if I don’t review them both at once.

Note to self: Make a banner. Queer.


Written by PIR

June 11, 2009 at 17:24

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