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We Dun’ Gone and Fucked Up

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Recently Vagrant Scans released the first chapter of a new (ish) series titled Majimoji Rurumo. While this is all well and good, there are several problems with it. Virtually all of them sprung from us using a bad batch of raw scans.

The first is that it’s not even titled right. We (and the rest of the net) have been referring to it as Majimoji Rurumo from day 1, and while this is technically correct, we’ve found that in several places the tankoban volumes refer to themselves as Magimogi Rurumo. It’s likely in reference to the english “magic”, if it wasn’t already plain as day.

We’ve taken to date a stance of using the mangaka’s ‘official’ romanization on all of our projects if it’s given at all, but we can’t exactly do that in this case since changing it would place all subsequent chapters above chapter 1 alphabetically. This poses more of a problem if you’re like me and use CDisplay to look at stuff. We’re also batshit anal about formatting everything.

Second problem is the scans. they were bad. Honestly some of the worst scans I’ve ever seen with regard to dirt and leveling. They looked terrible and Morpheuxx just barely managed to rescue them. They were bad enough that I opted to purchase two of the bound volumes and scan them myself. They arrived at my doorstep a 3 days ago and I am slowly scanning them in and cleaning them myself. It a very pleasing, therapeutic activity. I look over the newly cleaned scans  and then back at the magazine scans, and I smile.

It’s also surprisingly satisfying to debind a bound volume of manga. I might write somthing on bedinding and scanning later, since there seems to be a shortage of information on that in relation to all of the other stages of translating a chapter.

Third and most important problem is that we skipped releasing an entire chapter. When I opened volume 1 and started flipping through, I saw a chapter 00. It explains all of the important stuff that is missing in chapter 1, like how Shibaki knows Rurumo, and where he got those tickets. It also is introduces the characters proper and gives a proper image of the setting and background. Basically its supersrs important stuff.

We’re definitely gonna release that before we continue on to chapter 02. I’m not sure whether we’ll re-release 01 before 02 or not but we’re gonna have ourselves a nice HQ collection one way or the other. We’re gonna use the ‘new’ name as well, and hopefully change any other problems if we find them.


Written by PIR

March 19, 2009 at 18:19

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