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Removed the Cleaning Tutorials

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Firstly they aren’t exactly being useful since everybody just steals Photoshop anyway, and secondly, my useage of Gimp is beginning to taper off. I finally broke down and made a srsbsns attempt to learn how to use Filter Photoshop, and I’ve found that it has just enough more than Gimp to warrant my regular use of the infernal program even if in certain places it is so pants-on-head retarded that I can’t believe it ever became the industry leader (Could you please add some more restrictions to custom shortcut macros? kthx).

Anyway, this means that I pretty much only use gimp if it involves the pen tool since photoshop is too fucking retarded to let me toggle path visibility. Or flipping a selection, because Adobe has proved that it is indeed possible to make that a complicated process.

Ending on a good note though, if you are one of the zero people that actually cared, then feel free to find me wherever I might be and ask me about it. I have a year’s worth of cleaning with Gimp under my belt so I’m sure I can help you out somehow.


Written by PIR

March 16, 2009 at 00:12

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