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The Setup (Skip if tl;dr):

A friend asked me to burn all of the episodes released to date of Skip Beat onto DVD and being the saint I am I agreed to it.

Naturally I first exhausted Ureshii’s releases and then used Crustyroll’s releases for 13-20, but what to do about 10-12? I had a choice between SD with great tl and really shitty encoding or chihiro with the 9 year old Timmy translation. I chose chihiro because I figured she would be smart enough to read between the lines.

This is my explanation as to why I was even at Chihiro’s site to begin with.


The Problem:

I get to Chihiro’s site, lo and behold what do I see?


The most prominant thing on the page is the positively XBOX HEUG donation widget. I dont’ necessarily have a problem with this since I think the least you can do is honor those willing to give you money to support whatever it is you are doing. My beef is with the numbers on that widget.

Ignoring the fact that some people have donated up to $200 to chihiro for releasing their garbage, the problem is in the monthly goals of the site. They are astronomically larger than they should be. There is no reason whatsoever that they should be requesting that much money from their leechers.

I’m no expert on hosting a website, but if you’ve tried clicking the links in the ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ section on the side of this page you’ll notice that I am the primary poster on all of those sites. You think I know the person in charge of all of them? I think I have a clue how much running a website costs. Bare minimum for a website that you can fuck with:

$10.00 a year for the Domain ($0.83 a month)
$03.99 a month for the hosted server space
$00.00 a month for purchased hardware

Total: $04.82 a month, totaling $57.88 a year

that’s pretty damn cheap. What is Chihiro’s monthly goal? anywhere between $82 and $200 (it changes monthy). Considering that they host absolutely nothing on their site and all of the links are external this money is completely unaccounted for. They obviously didn’t hire a web-designer since the site is WordPress-based. Chihiro was smart enough to figure out how to look at the code and pull out the WordPress credits but it’s still clearly Kubrick’s bastard child, the default theme that comes with every wordpress download with a new banner tossed on.

Wanna know what can be had for $82 a month? A dedi in Russia with DDL that can host anything you could ever imagine with no bandwidth caps. Do I see that with Chihiro?

Bah! Whatever. I should be happy. They’re taking money from retards that deserve to be robbed from so what am I complaining about? I’ll tell you. Humans. Fuck them they don’t know anything. gg guys.


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February 23, 2009 at 18:40

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