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Fabulous Freeware: Warning Forever

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It’s a freeware game and it’s been around forever. Anybody who consciously plays them has heard of it and it even has it’s own wiki article, but I’m still going to write about it.

Warning Forever is a posterchild of freeware games and stands as a testament to the fact that the videogame industry is very different than it used to be.

Created by Hizoka’n CHI X, Warning Forever is the uncontested winner of the “most awesome thing you can fit on a floppy disc” award. The install .exe is 716 KB and a fresh install comes in at a whopping 937 KB.

Far and away the best part is the gameplay though. It’s basically a boss rush game. You start out pitted against an enemy that for all intents and purposes is a retarded cripple.


This isn't so bad...

The difficulty comes in the Boss’s inclination to attatch new parts to itself each round. Stuffed into that 937 KB is a fairly complex evolution script. Depending on how you attack and a few other factors, the Boss will evolve to better counter your assault.

Oh shit!

Oh shit!

To make matters worse, you’re stuck with basically a single rapid-fire cannon, and you’d better make damn good use of it. It’s got a focused and unfocused mode, but you’ll pretty much always use the focused mode unless you’re a retard. With it you can control your shot’s spread and direction.

A normal game is time-based rather than life based. You are awarded with 30 seconds to your timer for beating a boss and 20 seconds are removed if you decide that dying would be a good idea. The game pretty much goes until your timer runs down. I’ve never gotten to any of the final forms.

There are variants to the gameplay like 3 Ships, Sudden death, and 5 Minutes Attack, with a custom mode available that lets you decide the variables.

As for presentation, it minimalistic to the core. Simple green ships over a simple green scrolling grid with simple explosions and weapon visuals. The game doesn’t even sport any music by default. You have to add that later (which is easy enough, you just drop the .ogg file in the game’s root directory). It’s refreshing because this keeps the system requirements down in the basement and you won’t be distracted from the gameplay. If there’s any complaint it’s that the explosions are a little too big, and they cover bullets, making it hard to dodge properly if it gets too busy.

I didn’t see an official place to get the Background Music .ogg file on the first page of google, so here’s the file for easy downlaod.

If you’ve got a spare MB of space on your computer you can do a lot worse than to try Warning Forever. It’s a streamlined experience with no fluff, and compelling gameplay that will lose you sleep if yo get into it enough.


Written by PIR

February 21, 2009 at 12:00

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  1. Awesome game. The trick it to attack in counter intuitive ways so that its later evolutions are easier to manage.

    Mr. Salk

    October 26, 2009 at 11:32

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