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3 Reasons Rideback is Awesome

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I’ve always loved lists. So here’s a list of why Rideback is awesome.

  1. It’s aired in HD. This is important. I use a 24″ 1920×1200 resolution screen. Unless something is at least 1280×720 then when I fullscreen the video I can see every blemish and every blocking artifact. Not a showkiller but it’s always so much better when you don’t notice the huge amounts of blocking and choppy gradients.
  2. The CG is fabulous. If you wish to contest me then watch from 18:40 to 19:00 of episode 1 again. Maybe I just have the bar set too low. Last Exile is the threshold for bad CG in my opinion, and it’s hard to be worse than last Exile.
  3. Skating mechs. My favorite things about the knightmares from Code Geass were the skate things they moved around on and how they had almost lifelike movement. That’s why I was disappointed when all of the battles started taking place in the sky and they just shot HEUG lazers at each other. Fuego has a similar skate/wheel setup when it’s in it’s humanoid form and I loved it.

Pretty shallow list, yeah? Well I can’t exactly comment on the story since there wasn’t much to comment on in episode 1. “Ballarina girl is emo about her broken ankle to the dismay of her harem of squeeling fans and finds solace in a dancing rollerskate-bot. There is was also a war and stuff. FYI”


Written by PIR

January 18, 2009 at 17:20

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