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this tagline is hilarious

I always write these…

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first posts hoping to be funny or whatever. It normally includes some shitty one-liner about how I hate blogs and blogging. I don’t hate blogging or blogs per se, but often times they seem too set into a ‘lookit me’ ideology and it gives me the shivers and I have a difficult time taking anything said seriously. I think they are much better employed in the way that fansub groups or scan groups utilize them. I guess that makes me a flaming hipocrite or something but what can I do?

So at the moment I have some sort of vague vision about what this place will be used for but it’ll probably fall apart so fuck it. I was gonna write some stuff because I raged over some things and I guess if I ever get to writing them then then it’ll turn into soapbox of some sort but chances are I’ll just make some feeble attempts at being clever and unique and then wipe the blog clean…again…and start over with the same vague plan the next time I feel like writing something. This whole “mind dump archive babble babble” thing clearly ins’t working.


Written by PIR

January 15, 2009 at 00:01

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